Counterfeit money

How does the police get hold of counterfeit money?
It has been presented at the bank or discovered in the safe-deposit box. It has been used to pay you as a business owner or you have discovered it when cashing up. It has been discovered or located by the police.

A bank has received counterfeit dollars
If the money is surrendered to the bank by an individual, first the identity of this person will be determined and the police will be called. They will investigate if this person has been acting in good faith or not. The police will seize the counterfeit money and the bank will always prepare a Counterfeit Note Report (CNR). If the counterfeit dollars have been found in a safe-deposit box, the bank will contact the owner of the box and the CNR-form will also be completed. The bank will hand in the form and the counterfeit dollars to the police.

As a business owner, you have received counterfeit dollars
If the person who has surrendered the money is still there, call the police immediately dialing 911. The procedure is further as described above at the Bank. In order to properly conduct the criminal investigation, we need the correct information.

If you find the counterfeit dollars only when cashing up, you are requested to complete the CNR-form and to hand it in to the police together with the counterfeit dollars.