Working for the police

The Dutch Caribbean Police Force is a small dynamic police force operating on Bonaire, Sint Eustatius en Saba. Our mission is to contribute to the safety and a better quality of life of the people living, working or staying as tourists on the islands.

The Police Force has 4 main areas of operation. These are intake, emergency assistance, community policing and criminal investigation. Each member of the police force contributes to those operations.

Working for the Dutch Caribbean Police Force requires flexibility from police officers. Integrity, professionalism and pro-activity are some of our key words.

Alert and subservient, decisive and professional

We operate on three relatively small islands, where all types of crimes occur, such as domestic violence, sexual offenses and thefts. All cases are often primarily investigated by the police officers and this requires a fair amount of adaptability and responsibility.

It may happen that police officers work for a certain period of time on a different island than their usual working place while serving in the Dutch Caribbean Police Force.

We are often looking for professional, flexible, proactive and honorable colleagues.