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preventive measures Home invasion

Unfortunately, residential burglaries are quite common, but you can also take preventive measures to ensure that burglary becomes less attractive. Most burglars go for a quick booty and if you can cause any delay, there is less chance that your house will be burglarized.

  • It may be simple steps, such as closing doors and windows when you leave the house.
  • Place an extra lock on doors and windows.
  • Don't hide your keys under a flowerpot or doormat - it is not a good place. Burglars are inventive and check the 'standard' hiding places.
  • Make sure you haven't made it easy for others to enter your premises. Put a lock on the fence
  • Do not hang an  address label on your key chain
  • Keep valuable papers and jewelry in a safe place If you have many valuables, consider purchasing a safe
  • Beware of trash cans, ladders or other tools that can be used by burglars to climb inside
  • Tell your neighbors or friends if you go on holiday. Get a programmable timer to turn the light on in your house. Try to give the impression that there is somebody in your house.