Emergency number: 911 Tipline Police: 9310

Victim Support Center

The Victim Support Center helps victims of a crime, traffic accident, disaster or relatives of missing persons. They offer emotional, practical help and legal assistance.

You can get advice and support by phone:
+ 599 717 6181   Bonaire
+ 599 790 0426   St. Eustatius
+ 599 790 0019   Saba
You can also send an e-mail: slachtofferhulp@politiecn.com

Victim Support Center gives attention and listens to your story. You may experience a variety of feelings and they are sometimes too powerful to cope with them alone. Victim Support can offer  a helping hand.

Victim Support Center can provide practical assistance in writing letters and filling out forms.  Caseworkers can accompany you to the doctor or the police or provide support during such visit. At the legal level, Victim Support Center provides information about insurance and legal procedures.

A few examples of felonies are burglary, stalking, robbery, sexual assault, abuse and domestic violence. Victim Support Center is there not only for victims. Other parties such as surviving relatives, family members, witnesses and friends are also welcome.

They also advise parents and other parties involved how to deal best with children or youngsters who have experienced or have been involved in a traumatic event.

The help is provided free of charge.