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Types of cybercrime

Cybercriminals or hackers come in many shapes and sizes: from individuals to organizations and from activists (hackers group Anonymous, for example) to state groups. In reality, it is often about individuals or collectives who use the internet to protest and mobilize people or to blackmail or partly extort individuals or companies intending to make money. There are different types of cybercrime that both companies and individuals can face. Some variants are Cyberstalking, Phishing, Malware, Password cracking, Identity Theft, Ransomware, and DDoS attack.

- Ransomware: Criminals manage to take over companies' computers in various ways. This includes opening a malicious attachment of an email message, after which the computer is taken over for ransomware. The computer can be unlocked only after paying a certain amount of ransomware, often in cryptocurrencies.

- Cybercrime is a form of digital crime in which internet criminals break into, for example, a computer, telephone, or the entire network of an organization. ICT is the target and the means in this form of crime. The motives of cybercriminals vary, but the impact is generally enormous.