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A more modern Control Room in the Caribbean Netherlands

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Kralendijk - From the beginning of August 2022, the refurbishment of the control room on Bonaire for the islands of the Caribbean Netherlands was started as part of the Project for the renewal of the control room in the Caribbean Netherlands.

The time has come, the control room is ready. On Monday, the 24th of October, in the presence of various partners, the control room was officially opened by the ‘Korpsbeheerder’ Monique Commelin. The current control room has a completely new design and is now equipped with even more modern equipment. This facility meets the standards of common control rooms in the Netherlands.

On photo f.l.t.r. : Chief of the control room, Mr. Aishel Girigorie, ‘Korpsbeheerder’, Mrs. Monique Commelin, Chief of Police, Mr. Jose Rosales and some control room employees.