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Police report of Friday, the 1st of December until Monday, the 4th of December 2023

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The Bottom - Fight leads to arrests - During the nightly hours on Sunday, the 3rd of December, two men were arrested red-handed at the Captain Leo Chance Pier in the harbor on Saba. It concerns a 31-year-old man with initials G.E.W. and a 33-year-old man with initials K.W.R. Both were arrested for public violence and for crimes against public order.

At an event near the harbor on Saba, a fight broke out between two men. During the fighting, bystanders interfered. The police tried to disperse the fighters and were forced to use force, and warning shots were also fired. After peace had been restored, the officers managed to arrest the suspects and take them to the police station for arraignment before an assistant public prosecutor.

The Dutch Caribbean Police Force would like to point out to everyone that no form of verbal or physical violence will be tolerated against officers. The officers have every right to report suspects for any form of abuse they experience whether in or out of uniform. Calm cooperation from everyone during inspections and when violations are discovered leads to a peaceful solution, which is desirable for everyone.

Arrest for public violence
On Friday, the 1st of December, two men were arrested at the Captain Matthew Levenstone Street on Saba. The two men were involved in a fight and were both under the influence of alcohol. They were subsequently arrested for public violence and for public drunkenness. It concerns a 34-year-old man with initials N.J.P. and a 47-year-old man with initials S.B.v.H.