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Police report of Friday, the 29th of December 2023 until Wednesday, the 3rd of January 2024

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The Bottom / Oranjestad - Incident with weapon during New Year's celebration - On the night of Sunday, the 31st of December to Monday, the 1st of January, an incident took place in a catering establishment on Saba during which a plainclothes police officer drew his firearm. An investigation is being launched into the use of the firearm. This is a standard procedure that is used when a police officer has used a firearm and/or has used force.

Garbage dump on fire
On Friday, the 29th of December, around 9:20 PM, the central control room received a report of a garbage dump on fire at a waste factory on St. Eustatius. Upon the arrival of the patrol and the fire brigade, it could be observed that the garbage dump was on fire and it was noted that it was the wood in the garbage dump that was on fire. Otherwise, there was no hazardous materials. Personnel from the waste plant were also on scene to operate an excavator and assist with extinguishing to prevent the possibility of expansion. The fire caused smoke pollution in the area and residents were warned about smoke inhalation/smoke formation. No one was injured. Police were present to direct traffic.