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Crime and Traffic figures of 2022 for Saba

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Saba - On Tuesday the 21st of February the Chief of Police for the Dutch Caribbean Police Force (KPCN), Mr. Alwyn Braaf, visited Saba where he presented the Crime and Traffic figures for the year 2022 for Saba alongside the Head of the Basic Police Care Department (BPZ), Mr. Edwin van der Giessen, Chief BPZ for Saba, Mr. Wingrove Baker, Policy Advisor for the KPCN, Ms. Jory de Groot and Communications Advisor and Spokesperson for the KPCN, Ms. Genesis Saragoza.

The figures were presented to the deputy governor, Ms. Amelia Nicholson, Interim Island Secretary, Mr. Henk de Jong, Public Safety and Disaster Management Advisor, Ms. Lune Zijnen and to members of the Island Council.

Saba 2022 Criminality and Traffic Data

The figures represent the amount of criminal acts reported to the police in 2022 for the island of Saba and were divided into the following categories: Property Crimes, Violent Crimes, Sex Offenses and Traffic figures. Additionally, the date includes figures from department of Detection. In the year 2022, there were 23 cases of property crimes reported on the island of Saba, there were also 36 amount of Violent Crimes reported to the police on Saba from which 10 were solved, 5 remain under investigation by the Detection Department and 5 cases were archived due to a lack of evidence. Furthermore, there were 2 cases of sex offenses reported and in regards to traffic there were 38 incidents of collisions on the island and there were 18 fines were given out for traffic law violations. The specific figures can be seen in the presentation.

During the presentation representatives of the Dutch Caribbean Police Force provided context regarding the figures and shared plans to improve the data in the year 2023. Conclusively, the group jointly discussed efforts and potential collaborations that would contribute towards maintaining a safe island for everyone.